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    Our Clients and Patients are our Four Leafed Clover!

    We are so LUCKY to have the most amazing patients and clients! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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  • dental2long

    Dental Promotions Jan, Feb, & March

    Lack of dental care starts with bad breath, but if left untreated becomes infection, tooth decay, bone loss and showers your pets organs with bacteria. Call us for your pets free dental cleaning estimate today!

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  • dental3longa

    Welcome to Animal Care Hospital!

    Your preferred local veterinarian in Morris and Grundy County. Call us today at 815-941-9924 to schedule your pet care appointment!

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  • dentalcatbrush

    Veterinary Services Available

    Animal Care Hospital is pleased to provide a wide variety of veterinary services for animals in Morris & Surrounding Area. These services include physical rehabilitation, nutritional consultations, puppy/kitten exams & more!

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    We Offer a Lifetime of Health!

    Animal Care Hospital, your Morris and Grundy County veterinarian work very closely with each client and patient to create a plan for a long and healthy life for your pet! Call us today to schedule your pets appointment.

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